Yo held a hackathon over a weekend at their office in San Francisco to encourage developers to create content for their Yo Index service, a free app store within their ping-style messaging app. 

My team and I wanted to develop a service that allowed a user to figure out what startups were nearby and how to contact their founders. In this age, networking directly is one of the best ways to get a job and we wanted a tool to foster that communication. We used a handful of APIs:

  • Yo
  • Foursquare
  • CrunchBase
  • Google Maps

The landing pages are generated and hosted on Heroku and no personally identifiable data is ever stored.

Using the latitude and longitude values from Yo's single endpoint, we fed that into Foursquare's database and filtered by Office. Given a small radius around the user we compared the results against CrunchBase's database. If a match was found, we presented that data to the user in an easily readable format, complete with company name, description, distance from, and most importantly, the emails of each founder.

Event: Yo Hackathon SF
Dates: Nov 22-23, 2014
Team: Richard Yang, Andy Jiang, Tim Lobes
APIs/Tools: Yo, Foursquare, CrunchBase, Google Maps, Bit.ly, Heroku
Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS