This page represents a sample of the work I did at Lucasfilm Animation on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars show during Seasons 3

As a technical artist, I wrote and updated tools in our team's Maya pipeline which was used for licensing and promotion. I succeeded in speeding up our process 2x over by which assets were taken from our various studios working on the show around the world and distributed to our various licensees. In addition, I was responsible for the all the lighting, FX, rig cleanup, and rendering of all the show's asset profiles from Season 2 through to the Emmy Award-winning Season 5.

Studio: Lucasfilm Animation
Director: Dave Feloni
Produers: George Lucas, Catherine Winder, Cary Silver
Lead: Rob Gianino
Tools: Maya, Mental Ray, Renderman, Toxic, Nuke, BASH shell script, MEL, Perl, Python